North Wales Trip 2015

While I did some video editing of the Forest of Dean ride at the weekend I decided to have a clean up of my video files and deleted loads of old footage. But not before I put some clips together from our trip to Snowdonia last year.

It will be remembered for my first bike climb of Snowdon and the fantastic Pont Scethin route (as well as riding the great trails at Coed Y Brenin).

Hope you like Welsh music and terrible singing!

Oh and if you are wondering why I used Vimeo the other day and I ave resorted to Youtube today – well its because there is a 500MB a week limit and I was too impatient to wait until next week to load this to the web.  I may put it on Vimeo next week. Why? Cos I don’t think I will have anything else to upload.

The tunes in the video may not play if you are reading on a mobile device, due to copyrights etc on Youtube.  The PinkBike link  below should work for you:

BikePark Wales – now with added Belly

BikePark Wales - Uplift
BikePark Wales – Uplift

The 1st November 2015 recorded some of the highest temperatures in the UK for the time of the year with Mid Wales hitting 22 Celsius!  What an amazing stroke of luck that we (a large contingent from MB Swindon) were heading to BikePark Wales again.  You can’t plan the weather as you have to book the uplift months in advance – we booked this trip in August with no idea what was going to be in store for us!   Continue reading “BikePark Wales – now with added Belly”

Cwmcarn – Trail Tales

Twrch Trail
Twrch Trail

For a long time Cwmcarn had come under some criticism with only one XC trail and one short DH trail. Many trail center users were choosing to visit the near by Forest of Dean with its wider selection of MTB trails and forest routes or to travel further west to Afan for a bigger all mountain fix on Skyline, Y Wal or the grueling Whites Level.

Cwmcarn was being left behind. The locals (of which I know many) barely ride there, opting to ride their own trails that frankly offer a much better time for experienced riders. In late 2013 Bike Park Wales opened less than 45 mins drive away threatening the very existence of Cwmcarn’s classic Twrch Trail, a trail that so many riders cut (and broke) their teeth on. Cognation had a job to do if Cwmcarn was still to have a place in the Welsh MTB landscape.

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Not This Time by TimFromWales

Not this time

Starting deep from under the posts
Williams has the ball in his hand
Looking to clear he kicks it sky high
Knowing precisely where it will land

The chase is on to the opponents half
He’s in the air with a single bound
Thud, thump and crash – they hit him hard
And suddenly he’s on the ground

The forwards pile in full of muscle and heart
for the ball they ruck and surge forth
Davies digs deep, and with his hands on the prize
He looks up and passes to North

Flying down the wing scattering opponents like skittles
He’s making yards as he runs towards the line
But he’s tackled and felled, to the ground he does fall
A try wont be scored, not this time.

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