Have I gone a bit mad?

Yes I spent 10 minutes talking to myself.  Its not unusual to be honest, last week I pretended to get phone calls from “no claim no fee” lines and my boss, while recording a fake phone in show.

All in the name of YouTube and why?  I am no sensation – I don’t have the subscribers or the skills to make it big on “the platform”.  I’m not even sure I’m using YouTube correctly.

I just like having fun…

On a serious note if you fancy making a video with me please get in touch below…

Here’s what I filmed then clipped and cut together to make the top film all in my lunch break.

I’ve been Vlogging // Youtube

Don’t listen to them.  That’s what I tell myself.

Now is always a good time. That’s another saying I like.

Done is better than perfect. Not one of mine, but I like it and its my new blogging/vlogging moto.

Don’t wait until you have perfected it, just get the content out there and be yourself. Sometimes too polished and fancy can seem fake.  Sure I’m doing some intro’s, adding music etc but you have to make it a little interesting, there’s just no need to spend days making a slick edit, unless thats what people want. Mountain bike videos don’t have to be all from behind the bars or on top of your helmet.

Anyway – i might do a “guide to mountain bike vlogging” post at some point, but for now please head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe.

I’d love the support and encouragement and if you could hit the Like button and leaev comments that would be awesome!



Plans for 2017

YouTube Channel

Its almost the end of 2016 and its been a strange one for many reasons personally and professionally and its time to set some goals for 2017.

I have many plans and ideas (all revolving around bikes of course) and one of them is to try and turn my blogging into vlogging.

You may have noticed a few video posts today via social media and if you have seen any of those videos you see that I am making some YouTube friendly changes to them such as removing copyrighted music.

I don’t know how its going to pan out and I may even start up a whole new channel but this is just your warning ‘cos you may tune in one day to see my face on here talking some utter rubbish about something that you know more about than I do..

Just a heads up!

See you soon…