Northern Grip and a Stanton Demo

I’d heard of this festival when it launched a few years ago and always fancied something that looked a bit chilled and not race orientated.

We had an ok, time, the weather was great, we explored and rode the quarry trails, we demoed some bikes and drunk some beer.

Its very low key and only a few hundred people attend, camping, locals, day trippers etc which meant the evening was quite quiet. They ran out of pizza and the local ale, quite early on too, but we still ate and drank (lager yuck!)…

Some big brand bikes were available to be demoed – Stanton Bikes, Orange eBikes, Identiti etc and some small trade stalls from local dealers.

It sounds like the event is restricted by a local curfew and festival goer numbers limited, which is a shame as its a great little spot on the Lancashire/West Yorks border with some great riding. Maybe it could be much bigger and better with some promotion?

My fear is that visitor numbers (those few hundred include families, kids etc) and the effective single day of “trading” probably wont pull in much industry support. Who knows…

That said I got the impression the organisers are happy with the attendance and consider it success.

You can see the “official” event photos here –

I took the opportunity to have a go on the Stanton Switch9er FS….  Boy was it loads of fun!  Here are my first impressions!

Plans for 2017

YouTube Channel

Its almost the end of 2016 and its been a strange one for many reasons personally and professionally and its time to set some goals for 2017.

I have many plans and ideas (all revolving around bikes of course) and one of them is to try and turn my blogging into vlogging.

You may have noticed a few video posts today via social media and if you have seen any of those videos you see that I am making some YouTube friendly changes to them such as removing copyrighted music.

I don’t know how its going to pan out and I may even start up a whole new channel but this is just your warning ‘cos you may tune in one day to see my face on here talking some utter rubbish about something that you know more about than I do..

Just a heads up!

See you soon…