Childhood memories

I don’t go to the dentist as often as I should. But I do look after my teeth. I didn’t look after them when I was younger though and that has come back to haunt me lately.

Riding my bike in the cold over Christmas resulted in the most excruciating pain as freezing cold air got into an old filling.

Eventually the filling came out bringing half a tooth with it and leaving me with exposed nerves and a rather messy molar.

Why am I calling this post “childhood memories”? Today I had injections in my gum and the roof of my mouth – my god how much does that hurt??? And it just reminded me of er going to the dentist! Which I remember doing a lot when younger.

Anyway so I am sitting here typing this biting down on a gauze or something, soaking up the blood in my mouth, I am starving and could murder a cup of tea and a biscuit! No hot drinks for 12 hours no food for 3 hours…

I hope now that this heals quickly and the tooth ache stops.

Kids look after your teeth please!