Devil’s Den for Breakfast

Devil's Den
Devil’s Den

I woke early (about 5.30am) and as I saw the sun through the curtains I decided I would make the most of it. We had some family arriving at about 11am so I figured I could get out and get a few hours pedaling in before they arrived…

After making a small flask of coffee and a jam sandwich I got out my Genesis Alpitude and started riding at almost exactly 6am – with no real idea where I was headed. I went east(ish) towards the rising sun through Avebury and on to the Ridgeway. A basic plan started to form to head to The Devil’s Den on Fyfield Down to enjoy my coffee and sandwich.

The Devil’s Den is all that is left of a neolithic passage grave (or Dolmen) on Fyfield Down in Wiltshire. The two standing stones, a capstone and two fallen stones are all that remain of what was the entrance and was reconstructed in the 1920s. The huge capstone is believed to weigh 17 tons!

Totterdown Woods
Totterdown Woods

After “breakfast” I made my way back via Avebury and Cherhill completing a very nice 40k ride and got home at 9.30am just as everyone else was getting up.

What a great way to start the day! Same tomorrow???

The Weekend Ahead


So its Friday afternoon – pretty quiet in the office so a lot of time spent pondering on the weekends events ahead. So what’s in store this weekend?

1. A pretty big bike ride. Probably 4-5 hours or so in the saddle across Bronze Age Wiltshire taking in the sights of Silbury Hill, The Wansdyke and Avebury. Expect a blow by blow account and some photos. Fingers crossed for the weather.

2. Rugby – crunch match for Wales in Italy. Only a massive score will do in my opinion to gain control of the table.

3. I may finally watch Prometheus – I KNOW!!

4. Furniture shopping – yawn!