I must have a screw loose

Shimano SPD Screw Missing

The plan today come rain or shine was to ride around 15k to join another ride, do that ride and then ride another 15k back home. My wife thought I must have a screw loose!

An ambitious plan to ride 50k considering the conditions and my current level of fitness.  The plans to have some company on this ride failed and for various reasons (mainly the poor weather) meant I set off on my own. I should have gone with my instinct which was to have put the kettle back on, have another cup of tea and watch the ladies Slope Style in Sochi.

The rain was cold and the short steep climb out of Heddington was as tough as its felt in ages. Though after the climb the fun starts as you get to the cheeky bit of single track and the descent in the woods on the Roundway.

At least the fun was supposed to start here!

When I got to the top of the climb I was ready to keep going but decided t o stop to put my glasses away safe as I couldn’t see through them anyway (misted up and rain soaked)! At this point I realised I couldn’t detach my right foot from the pedal. With a bit of wiggling I managed to free it to find that I had indeed set off with a screw loose (see what I did there?)… The cleat was swiveling in the shoe and this meant I couldn’t rotate my foot to get it out easily.

With some tightening of the remaining screw and checking the other shoe I decided it was time to turn back. I didn’t want to damage the shoe or risk a dodgy dismount because my foot became stuck again.

The first ride, albeit short one, in the Shimano AM45 shoes was hardly a test but they were certainly easier to take off than my others and overshoes.

Congratulations to Jenny Jones by the way on the Bronze! – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/winter-olympics/26056289

pic courtesy of the Telegraph
Jenny Jones wins Bronze

Decisions Decisions


Us mountain bikers like to talk. We have established that and some of us like to talk more than others. Some also have very strong opinions and thoughts on various types of bike technology from tyres to brakes, and wheel size to gear ratios. I have few opinions – mainly because I am so indecisive. Maybe it’s a Welsh thing, we tend to be passionate about Rugby and Tom Jones, not much else. No matter what your musical preference, all Welsh people like a bit of Delilah.

So I have few opinions in terms of mountain biking technologies, brands and equipment probably nothing to do with my nationality but more my limited experience and exposure. I have two bikes and I like them both for their designed purposes. A full suspension trail bike and a hard tail 29er XC bike.

But there is one thing I would like to make a decision on but just can’t and that is the choice between flats vs SPDs…

Maybe they both have a place on my bikes?