An Oldie – GoPro 960 Fun

I have been looking through some old videos and clips and found this one. For some reason it wasn’t on YouTube so I thought it was time to add a YT friendly bit of music and share it.


Cos even 4 years ago I was rocking the multiple angles with my filming, that’s why!

This was filmed with my first GoPro, a 960 one of the early generation models and the video quality isn’t so great but it still served a purpose and helped preserve some memories.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Please subscribe to my channel!!!  Go on please!

Bike ride in the snow


So I nearly forgot to write a blog post today and I had so much to say…

I hit a local cycle way today with my mtb and my gopro camera. I didn’t go too far as I have horrible memories of getting so cold last year I could have cried. So I wrapped up warm and kept the ride straight forward as I didn’t need any accidents.


It was great fun once I warmed up, I had some fun skidding and drifting trying to pick up speed in the alien conditions.

My computer is currently uploading a video to YouTube, I’ll share that tomorrow, for now you’ll have to enjoy my pictures instead.


Snow Day


It snowed in the UK today, you may have noticed if you live here!

This meant due to some poor driving conditions I couldn’t make it to then office today. The result was a day at home and a couple of firsts.

My first mountain bike ride in the snow. I didn’t go too far, and mainly stuck to the roads. This was due to the time I had after getting some work done at home. Fingers crossed I will get out again tomorrow and off road and there will be some blue skies and I can get some decent pictures.

The other first was our kitten Bella going outside for the first time. She loved the snow and is currently fast asleep as she is completely exhausted from running around the garden being chased by and from chasing our older tom Buster around.

Altogether a pretty fun day and we are now just wondering if there is more snow on the way…

Keep Calm and Carry On

Not a lot to report today. Pretty standard day at work and uneventful journeys to and from.

It did start to snow here in Wiltshire this afternoon, but it hasn’t amounted to much.

So it’s just a matter of waiting to see if its going to actually gather and create any problems.

Hopefully there will be some great photon opportunities.