Mr Blue Sky


I’ll be brief. It was a beautiful day today yet I was at work while some were out playing and riding on bikes.

It was a beautiful evening and I spent it time putting the finishing touches to my lounge getting it ready for our new sofa delivery tomorrow. Probably while others were out on bikes!

Tomorrow I WILL go out on my bike after work. As much as I am looking forward to sitting on the new sofa in my lounge!



Had a productive day so far. Sky came out and moved my dish feed in preparation for our big lounge reshuffle. Did a bit of DIY and house work to follow.

I have made the decision to shift the lounge around so we can accommodate a new big comfy sofa and maybe a new sound system for the lounge.

Until today I didn’t realise how far away from our TV we were sitting. According to the Internet (which is always right!) our sofa was 4 feet further away than it could have been.

So a new layout a bit of PS3 and Wales v Scotland on the telly and I am pretty pleased with the way things are going.

Next we need a builder, select some new furniture and I have some decorating to do…

Dexter returns

Started watching the latest season of Dexter tonight. Great to have it back on the TV.

I’ve actually watched quite a bit of TV today, using the new Sky Go download service.

Watched the Pilot Episode of Vegas with Dennis Quaid doing an impression of Harrison Ford through the whole thing… It was good actually, and made part of my train journey go quicker.

So a quick overview of our tv viewing is – Dexter, The Walking Dead, The Following, Stella and now I’ve added Vegas to the list…