Moove Torque Flat Pedals

Moove MTB Torque Flat Pedals

Haven’t written a review for a while, but finally I have some new gear to share my thoughts on. Flat pedals are a pretty key part of your MTB set up: without them how are you going to rotate the cranks, to turn the wheels, to climb that hill, so you can come down again with a big smile on your face?

My Alpitude was crying out for a bit of bling and so what better way than to add some orange pedals. I will admit that my first stop was SuperStarComponents – having already had a more than satisfactory experience with their Nano Thru Pin Flats there was no doubt I was going to start with their pedals. However, no orange in stock! Time to moove on.

I had seen some favourable review of the Moove pedals and they looked pretty similar so I gave them a call and ordered a pair of the Torque Thru Pin Flats.

A few twists of an Allen key and they are fitted nicely and spinning freely. First impressions were the same as with Superstar – sharp grippy pins, mean my feet won’t slip but they are gonna hurt if they catch!

I’ve had a few rides now and combined with my 5.10 Freeriders the grip is as sure as I expected and had read. The fresh pins are even providing some much needed grip for my worn Teva Links.

Bottom line if you are looking for some pedals and £40 is your budget, give Moove a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the official word and a link to the Moove website:

Our best selling pedal. Large thin (17mm) concave platform pedal for better grip. It is possible to get a titanium upgrade version. Replaceable pins and bearings available. Torque Pedals (thru pin) Price is for a pair of pedals ie. 2 pedals.

Sealed Cartridge Bearings.
Durable rubber lip seals.
Replaceable pins. – See Pedal parts n our site
CNC machined for improved strength-to-weight ratio
2 x high quality DU bushings & 4 x sealed cartridge bearings
Body: 6061-T6
Platform size: 94 x 100 mm
Axle: CroMo
Weight of 2 pedals: 470g (with thru pins)

Superstar Components Nano Flat Thru Pin Pedals

Superstar nano thru pin flat pedals

When asking for pedal advice I think 75% of the answers back suggested I tried Superstar Components. The Nano Flats seemed like a no brainer too, good price at sub £40, lots of great feedback from friends and they appear to win lots of magazine group tests.

The cynic in me occasionally doubts the 5 star or 10/10 review scores from brands that advertise heavily, but the recommendations from friends was enough for me to give the them a try. The only problem was going to be what colour! So I bought the Electric Blue ones and waited…

When you open the box the first thing that strikes you is the brilliant colour and finish. Picking them up they feel quality and sharp! Yes these are machined beautifully and the pins feel like they can’t wait to bite into your shoes.

After 6 months of use I can’t see why I would want to use any other pedal. Combined with a good pair of shoes (I currently have a pair of Teva Links and Five Ten Freeriders) the grip is fantastic. I was demonstrating to a friend a few weeks ago that I could lift my foot and the pedal was still stuck to my foot and I probably shouldn’t say this but I am yet to lose my grip and slip off these pedals with either set of shoes.

The technical details for those that are interested:
17mm at its thickest point
Platform size is 105x100x17mm LxWxD
Fully sealed cartridge bearings – Replaceable
Multi seal approach – Virtually maintenance free
Concave body
Replaceable thru bolts, easy to remove once worn from behind.
Titanium axle equipped: 435g

See Yesterday’s Post

After today’s total failure to ride my bike at all I am going to go for it tomorrow with a commute and the home leg is going to be a long one.

I’m all prepped, bladder in the fridge, back packed with 29er specific spares, Garmin charged, iPod charged and snacks packed.

Alarm set for 6am so I can get up with plenty of time for breakfast and to get to the office.

Tomorrow I will take my Strava Dirt Search to the 250k mark. It’s actually been easier than I thought to do this even with veryblittle riding in theblast 7 days, the commuting once a week has helped significantly as this has contributed around 140k to my total.

Bling My Ride


Pretty dull day, bit of sun, hail stones, rain and wind. Took my boy swimming after work and am now on the Internet thinking of buying some new bike bits…

Some new pedals would be nice!

Would really like to get a dropper post but its a very considered purchase…

I’ll sleep on it I think.

That's Much Better

Today was the first day in months that I took my Canon EOS 500D out – and the first time I have take it out while mountain biking.

Conditions were pretty sketchy today. The dirt around here has a high clay content and gets really slippy. Today was also the first time I went out on my Full Sus Giant Trance this winter. After riding a 29er hard tail for the lasy few months the Trance felt like riding on a bouncy sponge!

IMG_3234 aben1 dion foot down james1 pete1

More photos to come throughout the week…