Must try harder

Bikes and NatureI didn’t need to look at my Strava account for the evidence, but I did and according to Strava I have ridden half as many km in October as I did in July. In fact since June when I started to record my rides I have slowly dropped and in the last 4 weeks I have averaged only 2 hrs 33m a week on a bike.

This time isn’t a precise reflection of how much time I have been out as its records moving time, for instance my ride on Saturday was an elapsed time of 03:04:27  and a moving time of 02:20:10. This account for breathers and in the case of Saturday some photo taking.  Anyway the main point is I need to increase my riding if I am to stay fit throughout the Autumn and Winter.

I know what has happened and it happens to so many of us. The Summer is dry and warm and the evenings are light – all the best conditions for riding. October was also a busy month for me around the home, my body threatened to catch cold on more than one occasions also  and even my weekend rides suffered.

During the summer months I was riding to work once a week and grabbing quick rides in the evenings after the kids had gone to bed. Now its not so appalling but I need to make an effort. The clocks go back and the regular rains start and suddenly riding is much more of an effort.

The  rides themselves aren’t that big a deal – OK you have to prepare a little more as clothing choice is more important, you need to make sure lights are charged, but the ride itself is still enjoyable.  The bit that I don’t like is the getting back home late and in the dark in the pouring rain wet and muddy. Putting the bike away and getting mucky clothes off and getting into the bath or shower is not as straightforward as it could be.

I got out on Saturday for my first ride of November and I need to keep this up. A 40k relatively easy ride with one big road climb got my legs spinning and I had some fun with my GoPro camera and a sort of mono-pod mount by a company called XShot. There’s a short fun video below which apparently I look really grumpy in! I wasn’t grumpy for the record – just not smiling at my own camera that’s all. Actually I was probably trying to look natural and the result was a sort of frown…

The ride was not a technical or particularly off road one and took in a long railway path, some regenerated canal tow path and a bit of road. A 3km climb out of the historic village of Lacock was tough especially as the rain came about half way up! I normally do this ride (or one very similar) in reverse – not sure I will do it this was round again. Though if you look at the ride profile the opposite way around the journey ends in a long steady 25km climb!

Lacock - Bowden Hill

Anyway, I need to beat the weather and the cold and just continue to get on with it. Next ride will be a Friday cross country commute, approx 20km to work and 20km back home.