Where do you put yours?

MagicShine MJ-880
MagicShine MJ-880

It’s getting dark, the nights are drawing in (whatever that means), and it’s time to charge those batteries and get the lights out. But where do you put yours?

MTB Batteries Luminator
MTB Batteries Luminator – Helmet Mounted

I have two sets of lights as you can see. One for the bars and one for my helmet. When I first started riding at night I couldn’t help but get spooked by mysterious sounds from the bushes and trees around me. When you are travelling quicker and concentrating on the trail ahead or you are riding with others it’s not so bad (Safety in numbers!). But ride slowly on your own up a tree lined track and evil creatures just out of sight make the strangest of sounds!

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MagicShine MJ-880 and MJ-818 Lights

2000 lumens of award winning lights! What more could you ask for to illuminate your trail and brighten up your night rides?

The kind folks at MagicShine UK solved my night riding issues last winter by supplying me with a set of MJ-880 front and MJ-818 rear lights. Both powered off the same battery with a Y Splitter cable they operate at maximum for around 1-2 hours and then with some appropriate dimming, a further 2 hours can be achieved easily.  The MJ-880 alone can run for 2 hours on full power and as you can see form the video, turns night to day!

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