Around the world by bike

I’m not sure I ever did a proper review of these books. I always intended to.

Anyway – this isn’t a proper review either its just a quick recommendation in the form of a video.

Want to know more about Al Humphreys and his adventures then check out his website, or youtube channel.

That’s all… Now go and watch my Youtube video and remember to Subscribe and comment and all that other lovely stuff….


Operation – Change Operating System

I’m a bit technical – not much just a little bit – and its taken me about a 100 years to finally install a Linux “distro” (see I know the lingo) on to something.

I have an old ATOM N270 netbook running Win XP and frankly its rubbish and probably worthless so I decided to have a go at giving it a boost with Ubuntu.

The were many reasons behind this –

  • I figure being the sort of technical (meh geeky) guy that I am I should have at least one machine with Linux running on it
  • The Netbook wasn’t being used and I hate waste
  • I was curious if it would run better like people say it should
  • I could pick up some cheap netbooks, wipe em and add Linux and my kids could have thier own computers

So here I am blogging and installing Linux… Exciting huh?