A South Wales Adventure

Jay Mud (Mudtrek) testing the water depth
Jay Mud (Mudtrek) testing the water depth

Sometimes things don’t go quite how you planned them – but that’s OK. This is what happened on Sunday when I “planned” a route all from the comfort of my computer chair, and took more than a dozen riders from MB Swindon and one from Mudtrek with me along for an adventure in South Wales. Continue reading “A South Wales Adventure”

Mudtrek Mountain Bike Breaks

Mudtrek Mountain Bike Breaks


Situated on the edge of the Brechfa forest in Carmarthenshire South West Wales, the award winning Mudtrek is a must stay for any mountain biker. Arrive on Friday night, settle in front of the TV or the roaring fire, crack open a beer (BYO) and wait for Nikki (Mrs Mud) to serve up one of her famous home cooked meals and rest for your ride on Saturday.


After a hearty cooked breakfast be prepared for a unique ride designed around your own requirements and based in Mudtrek-land! Local knowledge is key and Jay (Mr Mud) will treat you to a tour of his “back garden” – a network of single track, fire roads, forest trails and off piste tracks that will keep you busy all day.

Wales is on the global map for mountain bikers now with the help of Bike Park Wales, but places like Mudtrek keep an essential element of mountain biking alive and kicking. Sure it’s great to get in a van, have a ride to the trail head and tear down a mountainside hitting jumps and berms; but a weekend away with your mates riding your bikes, eating good food and getting muddy is something that you must experience and there aren’t many places in the UK better than Mudtrek for this.


I went this year with MB Swindon and partially thanks to the weather, we had a beasting, a brutal knackering ride that no trail centre could give you. MB Swindon are regulars and have booked their 7th visit for March 2014. Gluttons for punishment, the trips are booked in the winter when conditions are at their worst, puddles the deepest and the mud is at its best!

MudtrekDon’t panic, the rides can be catered for all abilities and its is open in the summer! Mudtrek are even building their own skills loop right on the doorstep and recent package options include a fully catered outdoors, mountain bike specific first aid course.

There are midweek and weekend breaks available and prices start at £99 per person for 2 nights bed, breakfast, evening meals and packed lunch… And don’t forget your off piste guided ride.

Visit the Mudtrek website – http://www.mudtrek.com/


The Brechfa trail centre and its Gorlech and Raven trails designed by Rowan Sorrel is an ideal place for progressing your mtb skills and a perfect place to visit while in the area. Jay or one of his guides can incorporate elements of these trails as part of your epic day out if you wish.

If your packed lunch isn’t quite enough I am sure that Mr and Mrs Mud won’t mind if you stop by The Shed for a drink, slice of cake or a bacon sandwich.

Packed and ready


All packed and ready to go and get wet in Wales.

When I booked this mountain bike trip I was expecting a spring weekend on the bike in Wales. While that hasn’t exactly changed, the weather certainly has!

Its March and its snowing!

Anyway expect some pictures over the next few days… Muddy wet and cold pictures!

Welsh Mountain Riding

The picture above shows the profile of a ride I did in the Black Mountains, Wales in October 2012. Some big climbs and nice descents.

This was an epic ride as the picture shows, covering a little over 22 miles and climbing the height of Snowdon throughout the 5 hour ride.

I still haven’t decided if I enjoyed this ride or not. For a few days after I told many people of my epic ride and how hard it was, so there was some pride in what I had achieved – not that many people I spoke to could appreciate what sort of effort was required mind you.

I keep wondering would I do it again? I think the answer is yes, but why? To beat it I think, cos it certainly beat me in October.

Knowing what to expect I would prepare a little more; the right food, some more riding before hand and I would pack plenty of gel and energy bars.

Which reminds me – I probably have two days of riding like this back to back at Mudtrek I had better get some energy gel etc on order!