September Ride Recce #1

As indicated yesterday, one reason for my ride yesterday was to recce part of my planned MB Swindon club ride for September.

Well I have definitely decided on a start place (a pub – which of course we will end up at the pub) and am convinced of the route for the first 6km of the ride. There will be 2 short steep climbs and probably 5km of the first 6 will be uphill. climbing around 230m or so.

That doesn’t sound like much but the two main climbs are pretty steep. I got a PB on one of them yesterday and got my fastest time on my full sus bike on the other. In fact after uploading the ride to Strava I am pretty pleased with last nights stats.

Those two climbs need to become easy for me if I am to be in a position to help talk people up them in September. I think I have just found my work out and will need to go ride those climbs a few times over the next two months.

Hanging up my gloves


Just a few days ago I was hanging my er um sweaty gloves outside to dry and air on the washing line.

Today they have to be washed and aired inside. My wife was just beginning to enjoy my biking as I could use the line and not the clothes horse.

Please someone bring the Spring back!

That's Much Better

Today was the first day in months that I took my Canon EOS 500D out – and the first time I have take it out while mountain biking.

Conditions were pretty sketchy today. The dirt around here has a high clay content and gets really slippy. Today was also the first time I went out on my Full Sus Giant Trance this winter. After riding a 29er hard tail for the lasy few months the Trance felt like riding on a bouncy sponge!

IMG_3234 aben1 dion foot down james1 pete1

More photos to come throughout the week…