Monday Morning Routine

Monday Morning Routine
First Thing First

I have a job that doesn’t involve riding bikes, fixing bikes, selling bikes or anything to do with bikes. But my first job on a Monday morning, once I’ve had breakfast and walked the dog is to have a brew and clean off the weekend’s mud.
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Not a bad start to the day

Sunny MTB Commute
Sunny MTB Commute

I failed to make the most of the sun and drier conditions and get out on a bike at the weekend. Not because I was lazy or anything, we were just otherwise occupied in some last minute preparation for our inaugural family camping trip next weekend. We thought it best to check the tent out and with some other activities the weekend just disappeared.

So I decided that I was going to ride the bike as much as possible this week, starting with a bike ride to and from the office today.

The sun was shining as I left home at 7am. I had planned a route that I guessed would take me about an hour and a half – it took me 80 mins – and would give me some climbing, some fun and generally a good work out before arriving at the office.

The route took in the Cherhill Monument, Yatesbury and Roundway and was perfect. I like my job but it was a shame to have to go to work at the end of the ride and not continue or loop back.

Here are some stats from Strava from the morning ride:

Distance 19.6km
Moving Time 1:18:09
Elevation 288m
Average Speed 15.1km/h
Maximum Speed 47.2km/h

Manic Monday

I’ll be brief. Today was pretty crap from start to finish!

Started with an early start to collect someone from Heathrow. The M4 is not my favourite place to spend 2 hours anyway… On the way I was told my first meeting of the day was cancelled! I was looking forward to going to Williams F1!!!

The rest of the day was pretty standard for a Monday and then tonight we lost at pool. To a good team but 10-0.

Goodnight! 😦