QECP MTB – Queen Elizabeth Country Park – First Ride Review

Much has been said of late about the new sections of trail at the QECP so we thought we’d pay it a visit.

So 6 of us made the 80 mile journey to QECP yesterday frankly not expecting too much.

Blue trails are the unsung heroes of mountain biking. They are the gateways into the sport, acting as a hook for new riders and giving younger riders their first taste of riding off-road in a safe environment. The mistake a lot of riders make is believing blue trails are just for beginners, bypassing them for harder red or black trails. There’s plenty of fun to be had on a well built blue trail even for experienced riders. It’s good to see there are plenty of other people who think the same and that the blue trail at Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP) has been voted TOTY.
Read more at https://www.mbr.co.uk/news/trail-of-the-year-377618#Vrdu31PMUjAoowcE.99

We’d heard of the MBR Award for the Blue trail which sounded fun, but we had also heard that the Red trail was very very sketchy in the wet. Well as you’ll see from the video, we are obviously pretty hardcore here in Wiltshire – or just used to the sticky mud!

In my opinion you can ride both trails in all conditions, but the Blue will definitely hold up better in the wet.

What’s in a mountain bikers car?

Whats in your car?

MBR Magazine stole my thunder this week with an article entitled Seven things mountain bikers always have in their car. I had a similar article prepared, I have thought about not posting it but then my list is different to their’s so I thought I would anyway.

So here goes with the TimFromWales guide to a mountain bikers car contents – well mine anyway… Continue reading “What’s in a mountain bikers car?”


I might be a bit biased but Wales is great!

Generally it’s a great country, but specifically it’s great for mountain biking. Afan, Cwmcarn, Coed y Brenin, Llandela, Antur Stiniog and now Bike Park Wales…

If you haven’t ridden an MTB in Wales yet you must as soon as you can. This year Bike Park Wales will open and it will officially be the place to ride in the UK. Designed by trail building legend Rowan Sorrell it promises to be the ultimate trail centre and will put mid Wales on the global MTB map.

Both the UKs leading magazines featured Wales heavily this month, with articles on Snowdon, Cwmcarn’s Twrch Trail, a full Welsh Special on holidays and trails guide and an article by your favourite Welsh mountain bike blogger ;o)

Have you ridden in Wales ? Where ? What did you think ? Did it rain ?

The locals call it Gods Country, so does this make it Mountain Bike Heaven?


Readers of MBR Magazine might have read my Soapbox article in the latest edition.

It was a little rant about the ups and downs trail hunting. Here’s a taste of the text i sent in if you haven’t read it:

“It says there’s a bridleway on the OS Map”, “I don’t understand, it was fine when I rode it last summer..” Sound familiar? After riding for hours, a tired and ragged group of mountain bikers from Swindon opt for the bridleway marked on the map and follow the direction of the sign across the field in search of a new route – only to find that there isn’t one.

If you have read it please let me know what you thought below…