Have GoPro, will travel

I’m back from my holiday in Mallorca.

Busy week so going to take a wile getting back into daily posting I reckon. Gonna bike to work on Friday and have a club ride with MB Swindon on Sunday so I’m sure there will be more to write about soon enough.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy my sort holiday video.



Many doubted I could do it.

You didn’t think she would let me…

Well I managed a morning of mountain biking in Majorca today. I rented a Specialized HardRock hard tail for 4 hours for only €8, this also included a helmet and a bike lock. Not a bad deal really, though the bike could have done with a service!


The HardRock is an entry level bike with mechanical disc brakes – with levers fitted the wrong way round as far as I’m concerned. For some reason in parts of mainland Europe they like to put the rear brake on the right hand side, where I like to have my front brake. Luckily I do a lot of front wheel braking so there were no surprises as I grabbed the brake, other than the bike didn’t stop so quick.


I used the ride to scout out some locations for next week that were just out of the resort and within a short bus or taxi ride away. Looking for some quiet coves and the neighbouring resorts was fun, and exhausting in the heat and on the not very well greased and lubed rental bike!

Still I covered 25km and got some great pictures.

My GoPro Hero 3 turned a few heads – not sure if it was the camera or the fact I was holding it above my head and at arms length while riding that was causing a stir… Hopefully I got some decent shots for a video, I will have to wait til I get home to go through the clips.