Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Since learning some rather late bike maintenance lessons in the last month or so I am now noticing advice and tips everywhere. Am I now tuned in? Is this like when you decide on a new car or something you start to notice them everywhere? I guess we normally filter stuff out unless it is relevant for us.

The infographic style flowchart above from Tredz in Swansea is a great example that I would like to see more of. And it completely sums up my recent gear shifting experience.

Time to write a monthly/weekly/pre-ride check list that I said I was going to do 2 weeks ago!!!

What are your tips and routines?

Where do mountain bikers go?


First of all I have to point out I cannot take credit for this picture. A friend of mine took it on an MB Swindon ride yesterday that I couldn’t make. Not sure if he told everyone to clear off but this is quite a moment…

All the bikes are unattended while everyone is looking at a rather steep hillside and taking in the view.

One of the reasons I enjoy mountain biking so much is that I can get out and see places that most people can’t get to, or think it would take too long to get there on foot.

Whatever the weather and whatever the ride conditions us bikers get out there and enjoy it. And even the hardest and toughest of us enjoy a nice view!

I didn’t go far today but did get some bike cleaning and maintenance done including fitting new brake pads and bleeding them. What a fussy process that is!!!