This is not the most exciting post of the year; it’s probably the dullest to be honest.

But if you are following my blog you have to take the rough with the smooth.

After spending long into yesterday evening unpacking more flat packed furniture than I care to admit to buying I now have the job of getting a mountain of card board to the tip.

Not very exciting I know, but I have had a long day, at work, followed by visit to the bike shop and then we had a beating at pool tonight. Tomorrow will be more exciting as I am expecting some bike parts in the post!

Cool picture though. Taken with the iPad and tweaked with Snapspeed.

Sunday Stuff?

Giant Trance x2 - Shimano HG81 11-36

Today hasn’t gone as planned. Lets just say that I didn’t make the full distance of the prospect Big Ride, but thanks to some mechanics from Leisure Lakes Bikes in Cheltenham I have been given a heads up on a few things that I could fix ahead of my upcoming bike service.

I would liken them to changing the wiper blades and getting tyres with better tread before an MOT but I think the rear cassette and bottom bracket are pretty fundamental parts of the bike that I should be taking better care of.

More on this tomorrow.

Anyway, to take my mind off the impending cost this week it I am finally getting around to building the new lounge units ahead of the sofa delivery on Thursday.



Had a productive day so far. Sky came out and moved my dish feed in preparation for our big lounge reshuffle. Did a bit of DIY and house work to follow.

I have made the decision to shift the lounge around so we can accommodate a new big comfy sofa and maybe a new sound system for the lounge.

Until today I didn’t realise how far away from our TV we were sitting. According to the Internet (which is always right!) our sofa was 4 feet further away than it could have been.

So a new layout a bit of PS3 and Wales v Scotland on the telly and I am pretty pleased with the way things are going.

Next we need a builder, select some new furniture and I have some decorating to do…