A Trail Is Born – Making the most of your local terrain

I’m a great believer in making the most of what you’ve got when it comes to mountain biking.  Whether that be in terms of your bike and budget (any bike will do honestly it will), or where you live.

We can’t all live in the Surrey Hills, Scotland, Snowdonia or … Bristish Columbia, but everywhere you go is something you can find to ride.

You can rip up the streets urban style like Sam Pilgrim or you can find a small patch of woodland and just ride it!

Doesn’t have to be steep, gnarly, and long – with just a little bit of imagination you can turn anything into some fun.

This “trail” is only 15-20 seconds long but it has a steep roll in, some loamy turns and a small drop off.

Its not Moab but its mine


Mountain biking doesn’t have to be just a dream you have of far off places.

You don’t have to live in Utah, New Zealand, Canada or even Wales.

Right on your doorstep is something worth riding and you must learn to embrace it and enjoy it.

We are bombarded with clips of dusty far off lands, Surrey Hills shredding, never ending descents to deep blue oceans and Scottish highland rocky trails, but no matter where you live, you will have something right under your nose, I guarantee it!

With work and family commitments its tricky for me to get away, even short drives up to Wales are hard to squeeze in and so most of my weekends are spent riding the Wiltshire Downs.

You don’t have to ride the best trails in the world, you just have to ride!

Excuse the Youtube friendly music – I have lost my original footage so had to overlay some copyright free tunes onto my entire soundtrack to keep YT happy.

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Local Trails and Sunshine

Local Trails and Sunshine

It has clouded over again this evening but we had some lovely sunshine at the weekend.

After my day of DIY on Saturday I went for a quick local ride. I rode up and down a bridle path that has had some work down to it. Last summer this was impassable due to deep hoof holes all the way down the bottom half.

It has been surfaced with some small loose rocks and is now a really fast (relatively straight) little descent.

There a few little lumps in it which you can get some air from, but mostly it was great fun to slide and pump down as the sun was setting.

In other news I registered for the Prospect Hospice Big Ride today and will be doing 50k on Sunday starting at the Croft Trail in Swindon.  See the Link below: