Where do you put yours?

MagicShine MJ-880
MagicShine MJ-880

It’s getting dark, the nights are drawing in (whatever that means), and it’s time to charge those batteries and get the lights out. But where do you put yours?

MTB Batteries Luminator
MTB Batteries Luminator – Helmet Mounted

I have two sets of lights as you can see. One for the bars and one for my helmet. When I first started riding at night I couldn’t help but get spooked by mysterious sounds from the bushes and trees around me. When you are travelling quicker and concentrating on the trail ahead or you are riding with others it’s not so bad (Safety in numbers!). But ride slowly on your own up a tree lined track and evil creatures just out of sight make the strangest of sounds!

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It’s that time of the year again

Top Gear Inside
Top Gear Inside

Time to break out the Stig… My secret weapons to help me through the darkening evenings and even darker night rides.

MagicShine vs MTB Batteries
Winter’s Coming – MagicShine vs MTB Batteries

Yes, the lights are out and going on the bike for the first time this year.

I have MagicShine and MTB Batteries lights. Both have held some charge over the spring and summer, and I will be taking the MagicShine MJ-880 out tonight. There should be enough charge for the last hour or so.

Wish me luck!