Practice Practice Practice

New (ok second hand) bike days don’t come along too often unless you are some lucky journo or team rider who gets regular free stuff and upgrades.  Even if its got to go back its still fun to have a bike for a month or two to ride for a review.

So its exciting when normal people like me get a “new” bike… Continue reading “Practice Practice Practice”

Never too late?

BMX Track - Chippenham
Doesn’t look too bad…

For some time I have been considering buying a jump bike. I get close to buying one on ebay, Facebook or PinkBike and then back off. I can’t justify spending hundreds of pounds on one and maybe I was thinking it was a bit of a phase or mid-life crisis. It probably is.

Anyway, at a visit to the 417 Bike Park a few weeks ago, I found myself having a whale of a time on the VeloSolutions pump track and decided I needed a suitable bike now for sure.

After some ebay bidding and sneaky logistical planning to collect the bike I had myself a DMR Wrath for a bargain!

DMR Wrath - TimFromWales
What am I doing? I’m 45!

Today was the maiden voyage and while I dropped my son off at football it was time for an hour at a nearby BMX track.

Let me get this straight, I was under no illusions that I was going  to be flying and I was hoping just to pump the bike around for an hour or so. But as you can see from the top picture these were pretty serious jumps.

I hadn’t appreciated how much speed I was going to need and I simply couldn’t generate enough or pluck up the courage to generate enough to really get me in the air. The steep angle of some of the take offs was pretty daunting and it took me a long time to get really comfortable and to not cover my brakes. But still I wasn’t generating enough speed to get really air bourne.

It was loads of fun and I’m really glad I picked this bike up. However, its a heavy beast – built to take some abuse that I am certainly not going to be giving it any time soon. And I found the lack of front brake really disconcerting, I didn’t realise just how much I covered it when riding my MTBs. I may fit a caliper for this extra bit of comfort and see if it makes any difference.

DMR Wrath - TimFromWales
Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all…

Eventually I was relaxing more and staying off the brake but landing no where near the transitions. As this was my first time EVER doing anything like this I was really happy with myself though my GoPro clips make me look very sedate…

Next steps, getting used to the bike on smaller jumps and a pump track. I will be back here very soon too…

I can’t really review this bike as I have no frame of reference as its been 30 years since I even rode a BMX. I will say its solid and the SuperMoto tyres zip along the tarmac nicely.