Plan B

Bike Packing
Luckily my NS Bikes Surge has a Bear Warning System

B is for BikePacking

We had booked the “Introduction to Bikepacking” trip with MTB Guiding a few months ago and three of us from the relatively flatlands of Wiltshire were really excited to be going on our first over night bike ride.

Meeting Tom Hutton at the Elan Valley Visitor Center at 10am on Saturday we discussed the plan. Along with the ins and outs of a guided ride we had the added complications that camping would bring to the ride and the extra gear and precautions we would need to take.

When bike packing in the mountains you have to carry all your usual gear that you would take on a long bike ride as well as a long list of other items to support an overnight stay.

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GoOutdoors Cookset

GoOutdoors cook set

It’s not all about hitting cool trails for me; yes that’s a HUGE part of why I ride a mountain bike but it’s also about enjoying the outdoors, the fresh air and occasionally the solitude. That’s why last week I bought a stove and some gas, loaded up my bike and pedalled out to make myself a cup of tea in the hills.

I am no expert on this subject matter and I know there are many specialist brands for this type of kit (Alpkit, JetBoil being two market leaders), but I went to good old reliable GoOutdoors and picked up a set of their own brand HiGear pots, a Vango stove and a JetBoil fuel can for about £35.

Mid Ride Brew Stop

The simple pleasure of a fresh brew while out doors is fantastic. It makes you stop for a bit longer than if you were taking a swig from a flask, allowing you to enjoy the moment in a whole new way.

Anyway, the stove and gas pack neatly into the pots along with a spoon, tea bag, small bottle of milk (I used an old whiskey miniature) and a lighter. Set up is a simple matter of screwing the small stove onto the gas and lighting it! I boiled about 500ml or water in about 3 mins and thanks to the stoves inbuilt windbreak the heat remains pretty constant.

This is phase one of my new outdoor adventure, next up some camping and eventually some bike-packing…