An Oldie – GoPro 960 Fun

I have been looking through some old videos and clips and found this one. For some reason it wasn’t on YouTube so I thought it was time to add a YT friendly bit of music and share it.


Cos even 4 years ago I was rocking the multiple angles with my filming, that’s why!

This was filmed with my first GoPro, a 960 one of the early generation models and the video quality isn’t so great but it still served a purpose and helped preserve some memories.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Please subscribe to my channel!!!  Go on please!

West Woods Ride with Rich

Short video taken in and around the West Woods near Marlborough Wiltshire. I met a friend after work and we had a good explore and recce for future rides.

Some good fun in the jump gully and a nice pedal out to Martinsell with a surprise descent into Oare.

Great little ride only spoilt by the bites I woke up with this morning.

Spent today doing some stuff around the house, preparing for tomorrows boot sales and buying a new lawn mower!

I Made a Rock Video

Ok, a video of the local Rock Garden. Sounds better than a gardening video…

Btw the music was great Rock sound track to go with the awesome hi speed riding 🙂 but in order to make it watchable on mobile devices I had to choose a Youtube provided track.

Hope you like it.

I am still waiting for YouTube to change the audio… Taking ages, come back later if you need to view on a mobile device..

Spring into action


Having slept in this morning, something of a rarity, I missed both the MB Swindon club ride and some friends locally. So I took the opportunity of being on my own to take my camera and sessions the rock garden for about an hour and a half and made a little video.

It was warm today and it was hard work going up and down the rocks and the banks over and over.

I am just going through the video now and trying to edit it down to about 3 mins.

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what it looks like.

Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition

If you have a GoPro Hero then you will probably be having some battery concerns. Well I do – and so do a bunch of others.

So i tested it today and as per the gopro website at 1080 30 fps I got approx 90 mins of continuous shooting. This is ok but you have to deal with big files to edit. As soon as you begin to start and stop the recording, take photos, use the wifi and use it in the cold you can expect less than 30 mins.

My advice is to buy some spare batteries and minimise your powering on and off. These Wasabi Power batteries are pretty good – full test tomorrow as soon as I have fully charged two of them.