Oh Oh Oh its Magic(Shine) !

This week I made a start getting some footage using my GoPro Hero 3 of my set of MJ-880 and MJ-818 MagicShine bike lights.

I want to do a fair review and get some great footage – be interested to know what you guys think of it so far, including the music choice!

First impressions are good! I haven’t been much of a night rider but an increased confidence in riding generally and these supper bright 2000 Lumens lights made a 20km loop on and off road a breeze.

Being able to see and knowing that I could be seen was confidence building.

Lots more to come and a proper video edit coming soon…

GoPro Hero Testing

Ok so I don’t have much to say today. I have been suffering from a bit of a cold and Tesco broke my credit card this week… But I have done some testing of my Gopro Hero 3 today. Here are the facts:

  • I can get around 90 mins of continuous recording at 1080 and 30fps
  • Switch it on and off, take a picture or two, use the wifi and expect about 20 mins!
  • Taking a 12 mega pixel picture every 30 seconds in time lapse mode lasts about 100 mins before the battery dies
  • Finally if I set the camera to take a 5 mega pixel picture every 2 seconds it will take 5951 before running out of steam

What have I learned?
I have too much time on my hands and you have to be careful withe GoPro and how you use it’s various settings

Now it’s time to start thinking of a time lapse project…

My Cameras


I thought I would write a short post today about my cameras. I have been a keen photographer for a few years and about 3 years ago bought my first DSLR , it was a canon EOS 400 and I loved it. For various reasons, mainly I was carrying too much with me on holiday I upgraded to the EOS500D 2 years ago. This meant that I could carry both a photo and high end video camera in one piece of kit. I have recently started using it again and intend to make more use of it this year.


When I started mountain biking 2 years ago I decided to by a cheap point and click camera for taking on rides. Something small and yet capable of half decent pictures to take shots while riding of scenery and of me and my friends. My little Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS8 has seen its fair share of action and captured some great shots. Though I am now looking to upgrade this so that I can take something much more capable with me yet still slip it in my pocket.


As soon as I started mountain biking I knew I needed a GoPro. This Hero3 Black Edition is my second and is an awesome piece of kit with one flaw so far. The battery life sucks! I am going to do some tests but right now I am very disappointed with the battery life compared to the original Hero I owned up until just before Christmas.


Last but not least is my iPhone 4S. I started to use Instagram on my HTC desire but since getting the iPhone in November I have taken so many photos and love the capabilities of this device.

Each device has its merits some more obvious than others, I will add a separate post about each camera shortly with some sample images and a brief review of how I get on with them.

These are the devices that for now will document my year.

Stay tuned…