Big news in the UK at the moment as a guy is in a coma “because he wasn’t wearing a helmet”. I put it like that cos I don’t know the exact facts, but this incident aside the subject has been hotly debated recently and has set forums alight with arguments for and against. So I just want to say my bit here:

Regardless of what the law says and what the CTC recommend you do or don’t do, think for a moment. Think about your own life and think about your head smashing into a road, kerb, rock or tree stump. Think about your son or daughter in that scenario, think about them in a hospital bed on life support. Now tell me, no matter what anyone says, wouldn’t you rather be wearing a helmet?

That is all, it just leaves me to say, ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight, we dine in hell!

Picture courtesy of that film with him in, 300, and to whoever owns the copyright. Warner Bros I think.