Giant Sole-O Lock-On Grips

Giant Sole-O MTB Lock-On Grips

The saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” or in this case “if you like ’em but they’ve worn out buy the same ones again”.

I can’t quite see the second saying catching on as much as the first…  As usual the time comes to buy something new for your bike and you ask around and gather some advice, some opinions and some experience. This is all well and good if you want to try something new like tyres or you are thinking of upgrading a component on the bike and you want some advice before spending your hard earned cash. But some components do a simple job and don’t actually cost very much. Grips are a prime example.  It would be easy to try another brand as it would be a relatively low cost experiment – but why experiment when what you have does the job for you?

As you can see from the pic above my factory fitted Giant Sole-o Lock-On grips have worn. They have lasted 2 years. I don’t ride as regular as I would like to and I have 2 bikes but I still think that for approx £10 that’s a reasonably good value MTB component.

I like them – they come with blue branded collars to match my bike. The location of the lock being on the inside means they don’t get bashed about like some other brands and I have matched mine with some Hope bar ends to complete the anodised blue look.  They are comfy without being too soft and as I said above they aren’t expensive – RRP is £11.99.

The wavey pattern has worn on mine but only recently, this doesn’t affect the grip or feel too much with padded gloves and its only my fussy nature that has made me change them!

Giant Sole-O MTB Lock-On Grips

Shelter from the Storm


Nothing was going to stop me going for a ride this evening, but luckily it was nice, the sun was shining and as I was on my first climb of the evening I was thinking of stripping my top layer at the top.


However, at the top of my first climb it started to spit with a bit of rain. I realised rapidly that there was a huge cloud coming my way and the rain was about to dump on me.


With the rain we have had this week it didn’t take long for the trail to get very slippery indeed, and yours truly didn’t have mud tyres on! I had to push and shortly the back wheel stopped going round altogether. Mud clearance on my bike isn’t great and as you can see it was clogged good and proper.


Within minutes the rain got heavy, seriously heavy and it was time to find shelter. Was not prepared with a water proof of any description and I was soaked through instantly.

Still I got out for a few miles and by the time I got home thankfully the sun came out and I could clean the bike properly in the sun!

Better luck tomorrow…

Local Trails and Sunshine

Local Trails and Sunshine

It has clouded over again this evening but we had some lovely sunshine at the weekend.

After my day of DIY on Saturday I went for a quick local ride. I rode up and down a bridle path that has had some work down to it. Last summer this was impassable due to deep hoof holes all the way down the bottom half.

It has been surfaced with some small loose rocks and is now a really fast (relatively straight) little descent.

There a few little lumps in it which you can get some air from, but mostly it was great fun to slide and pump down as the sun was setting.

In other news I registered for the Prospect Hospice Big Ride today and will be doing 50k on Sunday starting at the Croft Trail in Swindon.  See the Link below:

Bike Planet

Since getting into mountain biking less than 2 years ago, i have well and truly caught the bug.

The bug for riding and shopping!

So today, while being a little early for a meeting in Barnstaple I drove “around the block” looking for a place to stop and make a few calls. Of course, I found a space infront of a GIANT retailer on the industrial estate.

And I just couldn’t help myself!

Change of plan


As you may recall I have been thinking of doing some bike pimping. Well that’s still the plan and the intention is still to put wider bars and a shorter stem on my Giant full sus Trance X2, but after a sketchy ride out today on my Rockhopper I have decided that mud tyres for my hard tail had to come first…

  • When you are going at about 15 mph (not very fast) and you front wheel is sliding around its a little unnerving.
  • Trying to climb a medium climb and your rear wheel is just spinning and not gripping and propelling you forward its a little frustrating.

I am not the most confident rider (I don’t mind admitting that) – I do have a fear of breaking something and I have a job that requires the use of my arms, legs and neck! So out of my comfort zone is certainly that. But yesterday was more than pushing myself over a bigger drop or going a little faster, it was about having zero control over where the bike was going while going downhill!

So tomorrow I am off to my local bike shop for some advice, add to the research I have already done and get some new tyres fitted by the weekend. However, the tyre debate is alway a tough one as everyone has thier favourite! Maxxis, Bontrager, Continental, Specialized etc Then there are the different types of tyres mud, wet, wide, narrow etc and though a tyre maybe designed for mud it might not work on my local mud!  ARGH!!!!

Had a good work out though today and then spent some time cleaning both bikes with a full set of Muc-off fluids and brushes.

I also met some local riders too and hope to meet up for regular Sunday rides.