If its not on Strava…

Genesis CDF Cyclocross Bike
Did this ride really happen?

…did the ride really happen?

I realised this last week that I am a Strava Addict. Yes I admit it.

I didn’t really doubt it and let me get this straight, its not that I am addicted t o chasing down other peoples times and climbs. I am much more realistic than that. I ride for pleasure and fun, and ONLY OCCASIONALLY do I feel the need to try and beat someones time.

Last week my Garmin bike GPS failed to connect to my computer meaning that I lost a ride to the oblivion of the internal memory.  Now let me explain, this was only a small pedal out at lunch time not even 10 miles, but I enjoyed it and I rode down a section of hill on my cyclocross bike that I normally do on my MTB. I was desperate to see how the times compared as I felt like I was moving! This was the first reason I was disappointed, secondly I wanted to show that the CX bike doesn’t stop me riding off road and doesn’t make me a roadie.

Its not a road ride

Thirdly, I do like to keep an eye on my exercise and while I know full well I went out and I took a photo (above) to commemorate the occasion, my Strava account doesn’t know!  I can’t add manual entries – everyone knows they don’t count!

After much searching on the internet (Googling as we have become accustomed to calling it) I found that i was not alone in my pain. While this doesn’t appear to be a known fault as such, its seems to just happen to these devices to some people. It could be a mechanical issue with the USB port – I don’t know.

What next, a new one? Certainly buying gadgets is great, but the Garmin actually works otherwise.  I know I can use a card reader and take the activities off the device microSD card. Excellent! Problem solved. I can ride again.

So two days later I rode and rode and rode (and took more photos) and got up to a fantastic high speed on a little road descent. Can’t wait to see how I compare with others and my previous times!

ARGH!  I didn’t have the device set up to record to the microSD card! Another ride lost to oblivion – that actually didn’t happen and the only record is another photo.

I have now fixed the issue and rides will be recorded to the microSD card from now onwards. And I have saved myself buying a new Garmin!

More new bike bits it is then…

Monday Morning Routine

Monday Morning Routine
First Thing First

I have a job that doesn’t involve riding bikes, fixing bikes, selling bikes or anything to do with bikes. But my first job on a Monday morning, once I’ve had breakfast and walked the dog is to have a brew and clean off the weekend’s mud.
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Looking for a Way Out

West Kennet Long Barrow
West Kennet Long Barrow

Hot on the heels of yesterdays amazing video from Chris Akrigg, comes a TimFromWales production. Hold on to your hats cos this is going to amaze! Well not really – it was just a little pedal out to the West Kennet Long Barrow for a cup of tea.

I am really enjoying the Genesis CDF and am wondering why I didn’t get a cyclocross bike sooner.  I am able to ride to most of the places I can locally on my mountain bike, but quicker and the added advantage of the skinny wheels (never thought I’d hear myself saying that) is that I can hit the road to link up trails at a much faster pace.  Its the future!

This week I bought an Alpkit dry bag so I could carry my tea brewing kit – also from Alpkit (Mytimug & Kraku stove). While these are small items, they don’t quite fit in my saddle bag, so I stuffed the Alpkit Airlok with stove, mug, milk etc, extra layer and GoPro attachments and went for a little spin this morning.

The 5L Airlok Extra fits neatly between the drop bars, and is also handy to throw over your shoulder like a messenger bag. The bag is better when stuffed full rather than letting the contents sag and rattle – but this is simply some advice on my part rather than any sort of criticism.

I now have a burning desire to bikepack and I think the Genesis CDF will do the job just fine!

Anyway you have waited long enough and I have stalled until Youtube has processed my video. Here it is and watch out for my very own Allez Allez Allez moment from some actual French people too!

It’s good here

old Roman Road Wiltshire

Right from my doorstep I have some great countryside. It’s not perfect, as I would love some mountains or miles of forest, but it’s great. Mountains are a bit hard to come by in Wiltshire but it’s reasonable hilly where I live.

I can ride my bike from my house and within minutes be climbing a short hill to the Cherhill Monument and one of Wiltshire’s many white horses. From there I can pick up the White Horse Way, Wessex Ridgeway and the Wansdyke.

White Horse Way

Further afield, but still in cycling distance are the forests such as West Woods and the Savernake, and not the World Heritage site of Avebury.

All of these areas can be explored on foot or by bike and I do regularly.


Miles of off road exploring are available in the form of the Cherhill Downs close to home and I have begun exploring more recently on foot with our latest family member Brodie. Since he came to live with us last summer he has gradually ventured further and has started covering some good distances and has helped me find some new riding spots.

Oldbury Castle

I recently acquired a second hand Genesis Alpitude hard tail which is now my weapon of choice for local rides. My Giant Trance will certainly get a few outings and will be used for trail centres etc, but the Alpitude is perfect for these rolling hills.

This post was supposed to go up before I headed to North Wales for the weekend – that will follow soon as will the video and photos.

genesis alpitude 26 hard tail