Butlins vs MTB Tyres


Well what a rip off this place is… Or is it?

A family ticket for the day cost £70. We used the fairground til I was sick of going round and round and up and down we used the splash pool with slides and waves etc, kids used playground and we saw a magic show and a 7 foot teddy bear.

If you paid for these activities separately it would probably quickly pas the £70 mark. But add to this an expensive lunch and you rapidly have enough for 2 Maxxis Minion DH tyres and a handful of inner tubes…


Family Day Out


As much as I would have loved to have been out on my bike today, it’s important to spend time with the family. Today we went to Longleat Safari Park.

I didn’t get as many good photos as I would have liked – sleeping and cold animals don’t make for very good photo opportunities. Nevertheless we had a good day and the kids had some hands on with a snake, tarantula and some lorikeets.


The day was also pretty special for the kids (and my wife) as Steve Backshall from the BBC Deadly 60 was there presenting. He genuinely seemed to know his stuff and some of the random questions from the kids were handled expertly.


Back to work tomorrow and I don’t feel like I have stopped all weekend.

Happy Birthday


The 2nd of January is an important day in our house as both my wife and daughter have a birthday… It’s tricky so close after Christmas as we usually forget that we bought birthday presents and wrap them up and they end up under the tree.

Christmas morning there are usually a few awkward glances between me and my wife – “didn’t we say that was for her birthday?” That sort of thing..

Anyway there has been more wrapping paper to tidy away and more toys and gifts to find homes for.

My work colleagues are back in the office today and but I always take the 2nd off as the kids don’t go back to school for a week and we have a tradition of going for a birthday lunch. Today we are off to Frankie and Bennys.