I must have a screw loose

Shimano SPD Screw Missing

The plan today come rain or shine was to ride around 15k to join another ride, do that ride and then ride another 15k back home. My wife thought I must have a screw loose!

An ambitious plan to ride 50k considering the conditions and my current level of fitness.  The plans to have some company on this ride failed and for various reasons (mainly the poor weather) meant I set off on my own. I should have gone with my instinct which was to have put the kettle back on, have another cup of tea and watch the ladies Slope Style in Sochi.

The rain was cold and the short steep climb out of Heddington was as tough as its felt in ages. Though after the climb the fun starts as you get to the cheeky bit of single track and the descent in the woods on the Roundway.

At least the fun was supposed to start here!

When I got to the top of the climb I was ready to keep going but decided t o stop to put my glasses away safe as I couldn’t see through them anyway (misted up and rain soaked)! At this point I realised I couldn’t detach my right foot from the pedal. With a bit of wiggling I managed to free it to find that I had indeed set off with a screw loose (see what I did there?)… The cleat was swiveling in the shoe and this meant I couldn’t rotate my foot to get it out easily.

With some tightening of the remaining screw and checking the other shoe I decided it was time to turn back. I didn’t want to damage the shoe or risk a dodgy dismount because my foot became stuck again.

The first ride, albeit short one, in the Shimano AM45 shoes was hardly a test but they were certainly easier to take off than my others and overshoes.

Congratulations to Jenny Jones by the way on the Bronze! – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/winter-olympics/26056289

pic courtesy of the Telegraph
Jenny Jones wins Bronze

See Yesterday’s Post

After today’s total failure to ride my bike at all I am going to go for it tomorrow with a commute and the home leg is going to be a long one.

I’m all prepped, bladder in the fridge, back packed with 29er specific spares, Garmin charged, iPod charged and snacks packed.

Alarm set for 6am so I can get up with plenty of time for breakfast and to get to the office.

Tomorrow I will take my Strava Dirt Search to the 250k mark. It’s actually been easier than I thought to do this even with veryblittle riding in theblast 7 days, the commuting once a week has helped significantly as this has contributed around 140k to my total.



I must confess I have done nothing today. Dentist at an awkward time this morning and various kids parties today have meant that I have been able to do nothing constructive. In other words I have not had the time to get out on my bike!

It might be Saturday night but I am getting to bed early tonight so i can get up early and make the most of the morning…

Only question is 29 or 26?

Manic Monday

I’ll be brief. Today was pretty crap from start to finish!

Started with an early start to collect someone from Heathrow. The M4 is not my favourite place to spend 2 hours anyway… On the way I was told my first meeting of the day was cancelled! I was looking forward to going to Williams F1!!!

The rest of the day was pretty standard for a Monday and then tonight we lost at pool. To a good team but 10-0.

Goodnight! 😦