Rad Company DVD & BluRay

rad company

Brandon Semenuk is one of them freeride mountain bikers you watch on YouTube. You are probably in awe of his skills along with those of his Red Bull Rampage buddies Cam Zink, Brendan Fairclough and Cam McCaul. I am and I live watching freeride movies like Seasons and last years Where the trail Ends. I have no expectations that one day I can do this sort of thing, but it does make me believe I should be able to do the smaller stuff. Anyway on to the movie.

Firstly the presentation is cool, the bluray and DVD looking like a pair if vinyl records on some decks ready to spin – this sets the tone for the movie.

Don’t expect moody narration about searching for the ultimate ride or deep talks about the mental toughness required to take on huge mountains, don’t even expect any Not Bad style shenanigans and scrapes.

This is pure unadulterated riding and music… While this is what most will buy the DVD to see, I like the talking and the banter, so this was a bit of a disappointment at first.


But it works superbly. Put it on at a party and turn the volume up and you have your own party mix or background tunes.

For those that want the banter and the fun, the whole second season of Life Behind Bars is included. This serves as your light relief and the making of the movie at the same time.

Generally I enjoyed this movie and will be watching again and again. My only issue is the price of Mountain Bike DVDs, at £25 this is pricy.

Breaking Bad Season 1

In my fragile hungover state today I have managed to watch again the second half of yesterday’s rugby match.. That the half where Wales scored 2 tries and shattered English hopes and dreams of a Grand Slam.

And I finished off Season 1 of Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen it you should believe the hype!

Brilliantly acted, this show is about 50 year old Walter and his efforts to help provide for his family after his death.

Walter has cancer and he works with one of his old chemistry students to cook and sell crystal meth in New Mexico.

There’s subtle humour, drama, action and some great characters. Drug dealing is such a dark subject, and much like Dexter, this show encourages you to empathise with people doing unspeakable things.

Anyway I’m not much good at writing reviews – so just find a way to watch Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad – what’s the fuss?

Breaking Bad – I know its not new but I haven’t seen one episode yet. My nephew just loaned my 4 series on DVD and I will try and find time to start watching this week.

In other TV news, The Walking Dead returned last night. Good action and gritty story again but I’m not sure about Rick and his hallucinations. Hope the hole thing doesn’t turn out to be a dream and he wakes from a coma in the end…

And in yet more TV news Dexter returns on the 24th Feb. That I cannot wait for!