Sorry folks. I know you were hoping to tune in and see some photos taken while riding in the sun this weekend.

Well sorry, I failed to ride either bike this weekend.

Today we went to the Cotswold Water Park where we enjoyed a summer day, dipping in and out of the water and having a picnic lunch. Returned later afternoon to spark up the BBQ and watch the end of the tennis. Well done Andy Murray!!

To follow was a cool off in the paddling pool and once the kids were in bed it was time for the season opener for the very last season of Dexter.

Off to bed now to dream of riding later in the week and prepare for a big ride next Sunday in Wales.

Jack Daniels


As a rule I don’t drink at home. Very rarely do I open a bottle of beer or drink a glass of wine unless its a special occasion – entertaining, party etc (My body is a temple etc etc)

But I do like a spot of Jack Daniels and occasionally as a Lynchburg Lemonade – and I have a few recipes.

Each feature lime (juice ideally, but some cordial will do), Chambord or some other strawberry or raspberry liqueur, lemonade and ice.

I think I will take some photos and write a proper instructional post soon.

In the meantime its time for Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and a new episode of Dexter.

Dexter returns

Started watching the latest season of Dexter tonight. Great to have it back on the TV.

I’ve actually watched quite a bit of TV today, using the new Sky Go download service.

Watched the Pilot Episode of Vegas with Dennis Quaid doing an impression of Harrison Ford through the whole thing… It was good actually, and made part of my train journey go quicker.

So a quick overview of our tv viewing is – Dexter, The Walking Dead, The Following, Stella and now I’ve added Vegas to the list…

Breaking Bad – what’s the fuss?

Breaking Bad – I know its not new but I haven’t seen one episode yet. My nephew just loaned my 4 series on DVD and I will try and find time to start watching this week.

In other TV news, The Walking Dead returned last night. Good action and gritty story again but I’m not sure about Rick and his hallucinations. Hope the hole thing doesn’t turn out to be a dream and he wakes from a coma in the end…

And in yet more TV news Dexter returns on the 24th Feb. That I cannot wait for!