The Story So Far

How much do we have to walk each day?
How much do we have to walk each day?

On the 1st of July I decided I would get out everyday on my bike for the whole month.

Here’s the post –

I was not going to try and replicate the Tour de France or do anything ridiculous – I just followed suit on the 10000 steps a day challenge and do 10000m (or 10k) everyday also.

Why? Well I am working from home mostly so I don’t walk to the car, walk around the office, go out at lunch time etc and basically I can take the day as it comes. I ride my mountain bike twice a week, and tend to walk a reasonable amount. But could I walk and bike those distances everyday when I didn’t have to leave the house other than a couple of dog walks?

The have been a few close calls so far – A busy day (sitting at my desk) here and there meant I had to make the extra effort with Brodie (the dog) and last night it was 8.30pm and I really wanted to sit down but I made myself get out on the bike and it was totally worth it.

So, 6 days in and I have been doing well here are the first 6 days of July:

  1. Bike 11.6km, 11,841 steps
  2. Bike 34.8km, 11,961 steps
  3. Bike 13km, 15,321 steps
  4. Bike 12.5km, 14,162 steps
  5. Bike 16.1km,  10,691 steps
  6. Bike 11.7km,  12,345 steps

That’s an on target, 100km by bike and 76,321 steps (or approximately 70km on foot also).

I know there will be those that commute further each day and ride much more each week – this is a personal thing and not me stating this is anything special. I want to see if there is an improvement on my fitness or sleep or health in anyway for me.

How do I feel?  I think I need to start to stretch my legs a little, even the 45-60 mins a day has an impact and I noticed last night my legs felt heavy and lacking a little bit of energy – could be diet related?

25 days to go including a very difficult day tomorrow where I am spending most of the day in the car – I need a plan!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Not a lot to report today. Pretty standard day at work and uneventful journeys to and from.

It did start to snow here in Wiltshire this afternoon, but it hasn’t amounted to much.

So it’s just a matter of waiting to see if its going to actually gather and create any problems.

Hopefully there will be some great photon opportunities.

It’s not easy writing a blog every day

Well I am a little disheartened today, so I will be brief. You fickle lot haven’t visited my site for 2 whole days according to WordPress statistics!


Why? It’s only been 10 days give me a chance to get into the swing of things. I don’t want resort to blogging other people’s content or rehashing news and stuff so you will just have to be patient while I find my groove. That pic above by the way is my kitten Bella, she had stitches out today so looks a little happier than she did a week ago!


And that is one if my mountain bikes, I will most likely be riding that one somewhere this weekend in search of some fresh air and maybe a few interesting photos…


The Shimano SPDs are working well for me but still not too comfortable on technical terrain on the 29er…