Operation – Change Operating System

I’m a bit technical – not much just a little bit – and its taken me about a 100 years to finally install a Linux “distro” (see I know the lingo) on to something.

I have an old ATOM N270 netbook running Win XP and frankly its rubbish and probably worthless so I decided to have a go at giving it a boost with Ubuntu.

The were many reasons behind this –

  • I figure being the sort of technical (meh geeky) guy that I am I should have at least one machine with Linux running on it
  • The Netbook wasn’t being used and I hate waste
  • I was curious if it would run better like people say it should
  • I could pick up some cheap netbooks, wipe em and add Linux and my kids could have thier own computers


So here I am blogging and installing Linux… Exciting huh?