Local Trails and Sunshine

Local Trails and Sunshine

It has clouded over again this evening but we had some lovely sunshine at the weekend.

After my day of DIY on Saturday I went for a quick local ride. I rode up and down a bridle path that has had some work down to it. Last summer this was impassable due to deep hoof holes all the way down the bottom half.

It has been surfaced with some small loose rocks and is now a really fast (relatively straight) little descent.

There a few little lumps in it which you can get some air from, but mostly it was great fun to slide and pump down as the sun was setting.

In other news I registered for the Prospect Hospice Big Ride today and will be doing 50k on Sunday starting at the Croft Trail in Swindon.  See the Link below:


Cherhill Downs


We have had some beautiful spring weather recently, cold mornings and bright blue skies. Apart from a bit of snow (a little odd for March) its been quite dry recently which means the local trails will be getting a little firmer under the tyres.

The picture above is of the Lansdowne Monument and the Cherhill white horse, some local landmarks and a great place to ride. From atop the hill you can see much of the surrounding countryside to survey your next ride.

The hills might not be mountains as such but there are some great little technical climbs dotted around in Compton Bassett and some half decent descents at Heddington and Roundway Hill. From my house I can do a 20 mile circular route that will take in most of the interesting local bits and provide me with a good work out.

Weather looks wet for the weekend but I need to get out regardless. And I will take some more pictures of the local trails soon.