Ryan Leech wheelie e-learning

Ryan Leech has got some skills. I think I first spotted him on Extreme Sports Ride Guide mountain bike show. It was a kind travel programme for mountain bikers – only one episode was in the UK which is a shame, but it was great to see some cool riding and stunning locations from around the world.

Anyway, Ryan is a trials rider and in one or two episodes demonstrates his Danny Mackaskill’s and hopes around some rocks by a mountain lake and in another rides with Hans Rey.

But here we are with what I think might be a first – a paid for ‘learn how to wheelie’ course with a legend but in the form of webisodes (videos etc) delivered weekly on the internet. I am intrigued and am considering subscribing for the $30 fee just to see how he presents a wheelie course on line like this.

Here’s the link for you to see for yourself –


Feel the Force

I am not entirely sure that I will ever achieve the Jedi skills of Luke Skywalker and be able to navigate a Speeder Bike  through a forest at 200mph, but speeding through the forest and being comfortable off the ground on my own bike at 20mph might be a target worth aiming for.

This week two friends of mine had a session with Tony “Jedi” Doyle at UK Bike Skills Ltd and came away suitably impressed, inspired and improved and I think its time I took the plunge and had some Jedi training.

I just called Tony and he seems like a great bloke and all I need now is someone to join me for some skills training and to get a session booked.


“Photo” courtesy of the Film Sketchr Blog / Painting by the Star Wars concept artist and childhood hero of mine Ralph McQuarrie.