Working on a new project

I have begun work on a new web based project. will stick around for the 12 months it was designed for but I will slowly be encouraging you to switch over to my new site soon enough.

If you are one of the ones I have spoken to about this please keep quiet for the time being as I want to have a proper “launch” and I want to get Twitter and Facebook aligned also.

Quite excited!

Just in case

I am about to go off on holiday for 10 days and while I think I have only missed one day so far this year, I am confident that the next 10 will have a few days with  no blog post!  I will try though…

So let this post serve as a reminder of some of the highlights of the year so far – for me not for you – and here are my 2 moments of fame in MBR Magazine.

Faffing - MBR May 2013
Faffing – MBR May 2013
A Bridleway Too Far - MBR Summer 2013
A Bridleway Too Far – MBR Summer 2013

And finally…

Today started off slow. It was raining so me and my son Taylor, got Battleships out. Thankfully all the pieces were present and the batteries worked! He beat me… It was good fun and was a change from the TV or the Xbox for a Sunday morning.

Next I progressed to buying a scooter on eBay, so I can have some fun with the kids and take Taylor to the skatepark this week. And because I am a big kid, and it will give us a chance to make a little video or two…

A spot of lunch followed a short 12k mountain bike ride. Nothing too strenuous as I was feeling tired and my legs felt stiff too. That said, according to Strava I still achieved two personal records, on climbs too!

On the agenda next in the packed day, was a trip to the cinema with my son again to see The Wolverine. Good action, daft story but great fun nonetheless.

And finally, this evening I got some photos off to Darren for the Dog Tag log and started writing my short bit for the local magazine Town Crier about – well mountain biking in the local area of course!

Now watching MTB Heroes on Extreme Sports channel, and wanting to go out and ride…

Haven’t missed a day yet


No that’s right – 115 consecutive days equals 115 consecutive posts… Or something like that. I may have put an extra one in when I added the Facebook link, 114 days then.

The sun was shining this morning but now its a bit cold and drizzled…

A more constructive/interesting post tomorrow I promise, but today has been just one of them days at work.

Some days not a lot happens

This blog thing was my New Year resolution in the hope that if I committed to writing about riding and stuff daily I would ride more. It’s kinda working.

This week is going to be difficult as we have some building and decorating work going on.

Fingers crossed I can keep on top of that and the blogging.

That is all for today… Sorry but some days not a lot happens.