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Sort of cheated here as I used my recent blog post to fill this page but its the same result – the page now has details of my cameras on it.

I have been a keen photographer for a few years and about 3 years ago bought my first DSLR , it was a canon EOS 400 and I loved it. For various reasons, mainly I was carrying too much with me on holiday I upgraded to the EOS500D 2 years ago. This meant that I could carry both a photo and high end video camera in one piece of kit. I have recently started using it again and intend to make more use of it this year.


When I started mountain biking 2 years ago I decided to by a cheap point and click camera for taking on rides. Something small and yet capable of half decent pictures to take shots while riding of scenery and of me and my friends. My little Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS8 has seen its fair share of action and captured some great shots. Though I am now looking to upgrade this so that I can take something much more capable with me yet still slip it in my pocket. Any suggestions? Canon S100 looks like a great camera.


As soon as I started mountain biking I knew I needed a GoPro. This Hero3 Black Edition is my second and is an awesome piece of kit with one flaw so far. The battery life sucks! I am going to do some tests but right now I am very disappointed with the battery life compared to the original Hero I owned up until just before Christmas.


Last but not least is my iPhone 4S. I started to use Instagram on my HTC desire but since getting the iPhone in November I have taken so many photos and love the capabilities of this device.

Each device has its merits some more obvious than others, I will add a separate post about each camera shortly with some sample images and a brief review of how I get on with them.

These are the devices that for now will document my year.

Stay tuned…


9 thoughts on “My Cameras

  1. Hi Tim

    I’ve been considering a Gopro black and was interested in your comments about battery life. How are you getting on. Given the discounts on the old model and better battery life your comments make me wonder about picking up a hero 2. Since you had a previous Gopro, do you think the improvements of the latest are significant and worth having and suffering the battery life?


    1. Phil… I bought the Hero 3 Black cos I could afford it. It’s a highly spec’ed piece of kit but in all honesty for videoing for YouTube use you can get away with the old 960.

      The latest cameras have multiple shooting modes, built in wifi, high mega pixel count and burst modes. For photos they are superior, and it was 50% of the reason I upgraded.

      Battery life isn’t great but you will get used to it.

      Decide what you want to use it for and buy the camera that best suits you.


  2. Hey Tim, I have a Canon S100. Some photos from it are on my blog here: and on Flickr here: and here: They’ve been edited a bit in Snapseed (iPad app)(somewhat overharshly in some cases) but it gives you an idea of the kind of photos you might get. I haven’t really played with the camera that much either… most of those were probably shot on auto. Cheers, Chris

      1. Ah, great cameras also. Are you still finding th GoPro battery life an issue? I’m tempted by one but perhaps if battery life isn’t that great then I’ll look for an alternative…

  3. Hi Tim

    Since my post in March I’ve suddenly become the owner of a Hero 3 black as a present, so decision made for me. This raises some questions when I started googling –
    1 Memory cards. Lots of talk of the camera frying cards (by getting hot) also that a lot of class 10 cards are not up to the spec. It seems to depend on what settings you use, the highest video specs obviously being the most demanding. So, what card(s) do you use and what settings? Have you had any problems?
    2 Mounts. I was going to get the gopro handlebar mount but it sounds too fragile for MTB use. I wanted to try various points of view. Anyway, what mounts have you used?

    I notice you are away enjoying yourself, awesome river crossing. Must get up to date with your blog. Anyway, (obviously) replay when you can, I wouldn’t want to distract you from you holiday.


    1. Try k-edge for mounts. I have a bar and seat post mount. Not cheap at around £25 each but very solid. Some videos coming soon of very bumpy descents in the alps, really steady camera tough.

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