Why do you need a MTB guide?

Yes I have been on a British Cycling mountain leader course. Yes I am planning on leading and am “bound to say this” but just listen for a moment…

Coniston Water
Not the Peak District – I haven’t been yet to take a photo.

Have you ever wanted to ride somewhere new and I don’t mean a trail centre?  Of course you have. Did you find somewhere and go ride it? What did you do?

You have a bunch of ways you can go about this and its not that hard really, is it?

So you saw some cool pictures on Instagram of something called Jacob’s Ladder. Where’s that? And the Google search begins. Peak District! That 3 hours away! Looks worth it though…

Next you search for cycling routes, the results that the world wide web presents you with are a little vague and everyone has different opinions on where you should ride – how am I going to decide?  I can’t drive 3 hours and miss out “the best trail in the Peaks”!

You remember those old MBR routes you cut out and kept for such an eventuality. This is more like it! But still they don’t seem to cover some of the bits you’ve heard about. Continue reading “Why do you need a MTB guide?”

The video of that weekend in the Lakes

You may be sick of hearing about it, but when you live a normal life doing a job 9-5 and working “for the man” as they say, moments occasionally happen to transport you from the mundane and they are moments to cherish and remember (are they basically the same thing?).

So when you spend 3 days in the Lake District with amazing weather, stunning views and fantastic riding, its natural you want to relive those events.

So read the blog if you want to, or watch this for 5 mins.

Lake District Taster Clip

I’m currently trying to edit a video from last weekend in the Lake District, but with so much great riding its hard to decide what to cut out.

So I may just make the most of my Vimeo account and load some complete POV clips like this one.

If you missed the post about the weekend – here’s the link



Lake District with MTB Guiding

Tom Hutton - MTB Guiding
Tom Hutton – MTB Guiding

To say that I was looking forward to this trip (3rd -5th June, last weekend) would be a little bit of an understatement! After April’s 5 day trip to Snowdonia, a trip to the Lake District with 7 of my mates and to have 3 days guiding by Tom Hutton (MTB Guiding), simply couldn’t come soon enough.

The weather is always a concern when you pre-book a trip, invest some money and book time off work, and we were all secretly watching the weather and trying not to curse it by posting forecasts on Facebook – because it looked like we were going to be in for a treat!

Above Coniston Water
Above Coniston Water

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