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I had been planning an explore of Collingbourne woods for some time. It seemed like there should be some trails present and some googling and Strava segment searching showed some potential.

Using BikeHike I plotted a route around the forest that should take in the best bits and off I went. The route worked exactly as I had hoped and my time was spent riding rather thant figuring out which way to go!

It was sloppy to say the least but though the NS Bikes Surge is steel it certainly isn’t heavy and the WTB Vigilante/TrailBoss combination actually cope quite well with a certain level of mud.

It never ceases to amaze how parts of the same forest can be dusty in one spot and sloppy in another. However, it makes for a pleasant surprise and keeps you on your toes!

Can’t wait to have another ride of these woods with MB Swindon and also give that gully a few goes!


Bucket List Bike

WTB Vigilante / Trail Boss

If you find a list of “10 things a mountain biker should do“, building a bike is there among them. I honestly didn’t understand why you would do this. I had been looking for a new hard tail for some time and often came to the same conclusion most do, that “you couldn’t build that spec for that money”.  The buying power of bike manufacturers means that its very hard to beat them on price if you want to go down the self build route. Continue reading “Bucket List Bike”

No one would know, would they?

on-one 45650b
on-one 45650b

Had a quick spin on my Genesis Alpitude this morning. Its a 26″ hardtail and I have thoroughly enjoyed riding it this spring/summer. When I bought it I thought the 18″ frame was a little big… After riding the Vitus quite a bit this last month with the 650b wheels (wider bars and a slightly longer wheelbase), the Alpitude simply felt small.

The On-One 45650b (catchy name!) has almost the same colour scheme as the Alpitude and the same WTB wheel and tyre set up as the Vitus Escarpe….

Maybe I could do a quick swap – no one would know would they??