The fine art of Faffing

Your bike is dirty, its been dirty for a week or 2.

But its ok you have a really valid excuse. You came home from a night ride and promised yourself you’d clean it the next day, but the next you were told that your new bike was ready to be collected from the shop and the dirty one got a little neglected…

So you decide its time to give it the love it deserves and give it a proper deep clean.

But first a cup of tea.

Electing to be super efficient, get started by getting some stuff ready, while the kettle is boiling – genius!

While in the shed looking for the end to the hose you realise that its a complete mess and needs sorting out, start sorting and decide that this is a far bigger job than you anticipated.

Time for an existential crisis!

That’s enough of that! Time to gather your thoughts and boil the kettle again.

Make a cup of  tea!

While drinking the tea you ponder upon the last hour and decide that you can’t possibly be the only one who behaves like this and sits down to write about it (THIS!).

Finishes blog post and starts again.

Its now way too late and you have to get back to work…





2 thoughts on “The fine art of Faffing

  1. I’m not sure this faffing mate – more like procrastinating? Perhaps we need a blog defining the difference between the 2? 🙂

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