NEW – SRAM AXS – My Opinion

I have to admit it – I absolutely love it and I want it all and I want it now!

The simplicity of the installation, its got an app, its lighter and the action is smooth and fast.  Its customisable, its clean, there are no cables – its exciting stuff!

I need this in my life – its amazing!

But – damage the mech, crash and break the shifter, and you are screwed!

You can no longer pop to you LBS and buy a new shifter or mech and get back out on your bike. Within the Shimano or SRAM ranges you can typically mix and match and therefore buy whatever is on the shelf in your LBS – now you have to pick up an AXS component that is probably not going to be available on every high street or at a bike shop at a trail head.

Forget to charge your battery after the last few rides or think it should be ok for one more and boom you are an hour behind your mates.

Oh wait a minute – the seat post is £700 and the group set is £2000 you say?!

Forget it!

This is aimed at pro racers or those with WAY to much spare cash (who’s got that these days?)…

So, nice tech (REALLY nice tech), nice features on GMBN  (PAID PROMOTIONS I notice), but its like watching supercars on Top Gear – I won’t be buying one anytime soon…


One thought on “NEW – SRAM AXS – My Opinion

  1. a big benefit of electronic shifting is you don’t abuse the thumb as with a trigger shifter, if I ride a lot of up and down ride for 4 hours or so and shift a lot, cus of a lot of up and down, finger will hurt, if I overdo it it can take days for the pain to go away, feels like a needle in the tip of my thumb, also it’s abusing the skin, but hand cream will help, a lot of it. but there is no cure for the pain, and to my knownlage there is no trigger shifters on the market that fit me, they lack adjustments needed to fit me. I am currently abusing my thumb on a XTR M9000 shifter.
    Archer components is interesting, cus it allows you to use any rear dérailleur, and it uses two buttons.
    this won’t abuse the thumb as a trigger shifter will, because you are pushing a button instead of pushing a trigger.
    I haven’t tried Archer Components yet, but it’s interesting for sure.

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