Medway Cycle Plan and Pump Track

Velosolutions Medway
Velosolutions Medway – Exhausting!

I recently visited the Velosolutions pump track in Medway (Gillingham, Kent) and wow is it good!

This beast cost £170,000 to build and 3,300 tonnes of material! After 2 years of planning  and securing funding its, part of a £2.5m cycling investment in the area that aims to:

  • provide safe and useful facilities that will improve the cycle network in Medway
  • help people living and working in Medway to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • reduce congestion by encouraging more people to use other means of transport
  • help improve air quality
  • help to reduce social isolation by getting more people involved in cycling club activities

This is just an awesome thing for the council to be doing and a great example of what should and could be done when funding is spent well. In my opinion!

The plan included improving links with existing cycle networks and working with Sustrans, bike parking, Bikeability training etc

For full details if you are interested go here:

If you just want to see the Pump Track – here’s my video:

Here are some of Velosolutions construction pictures off Instagram:

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