What’s in a mountain bikers car?

Whats in your car?

MBR Magazine stole my thunder this week with an article entitled Seven things mountain bikers always have in their car. I had a similar article prepared, I have thought about not posting it but then my list is different to their’s so I thought I would anyway.

So here goes with the TimFromWales guide to a mountain bikers car contents – well mine anyway…

Booicore change towel

A towel. My Booicore change towel lives in my car. It has come out for the occasional wash but I never go anywhere without it.  Covers me up when I need to change, and if I have forgotten a change of clothing it means I can travel home in soft towel comfort commando style.

A stiff brush

The car needs a regular sweep out, so a good stiff brush is mandatory.

Spare shoes

Spare shoes. I may have forgotten my clothes but at least I don’t need to drive home barefoot or with muddy shoes.

Singletrack Magazine

A quality mountain bike magazine.  Maybe when you are waiting for storm to pass, broken down, or to give your mates in the back seat something to read – surely everyone has an old magazine lying about in the car?

A map

A map. I love a map, and there’s always a map in the car. OS or road map – you can’t always rely on the sat nav and as I do a bit of guiding and like some off piste riding, I need to have a map. I still get lost!

A freshener

Your car smells. It does. A dirty, wet, muddy, oily, lubey, wd40, farty smell.  Face it!

Cold coffee

Cold coffee.  My flask always seem to be the one thing that I don’t have a spare hand for and usually needs a last minute wash before using it!

‘ave you got zee snickers?

Comedy / emergency fuel.  Snickers have blessed us with some funny labeling recently and I am keeping these two for a forthcoming trip to award as prizes!

That’s it from me. Anything I’ve missed or that you have in your vehicle that you’d like to share?


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