Does this mean I’m weird?


The “selfie”, its not weird is it?

Everyone does it now, don’t they?

In fact I think its almost more weird to ask someone to take a photo of you. But its not just that, its our obsession with taking photos of our stuff!

  • Look at my clean bike!
  • Look at my dirty bike!
  • Look at my bike by this tree!
  • Look at me and my bike at the top of this climb!

I’ve blogged on this subject before so I wont go on, I just wanted to point out that today I spent about 20 mins and took about 400 photos of the same patch of water trying to steady my GoPro while it was swinging on a piece of string dangled off a bridge!

These were the results…


It wasn’t really worth it was it? Still I got out and got muddy and took a selfie and a photo of a muddy bike…


The end.

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