The e-bikes are coming

the ebikes are coming

It looks like 2018 is going to be the year of the e-bike whether you like it or not.

Chris Smith has been tearing up Windhill Bike Park on a Cannondale Moterra for a few months. GMBN (Global Mountain Bike Network) have started a dedicated E Bike channel, Sam Pilgrim has signed to Hai Bike – whatever next?

I’m undecided on this move by Sam. I’m a big fan of his YouTube channel and I’m a fan (and owner of one) NS Bikes, so this doesn’t sit easy with me.

The general opinion is he has “sold his soul”, I’m thinking they have offered a lot of money. They have also built (or are building) a custom slopestyle / freeride bike so he can continue his “day job” on the FMB World Tour.

Whatever happens his videos will continue to entertain and I’m sure we’ll see more of him and Chris Smith shredding on the e bikes and doing some stuff no one has thought of doing with this new bike genre.

I’ll be honest this video from EMBN got me interested. I heard Steve Jones talking on the HKT Podcast about e bikes a few months ago and he sounded convincing and this video showing him and Neil on techy climbs in Alicante looked like loads of fun.


If money was no object I might consider one, however at the moment this is not for me.

Yet. Never say never, as I’ll sell my soul to Hai Bike if they come knocking on my door too!

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