So now what – Part II

And then theres the internet

So now what?

I don’t read a monthly magazine but I take in mountain biking information weekly, no daily! And I do this by creating my own virtual magazine from a multitude of sources mostly on line via my smart phone, TV or computer screen.

Read Part I here

The internet with free magazines and websites such as PinkBike, BikeRadar, IMB, RedBullTv, MPora, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc allow me to create my own content where I can chose to ignore the subjects I am not interested in (ebikes, fatbikes, downhill bikes) and concentrate on the ones I am and at no perceived (I have to pay for my internet access of course) or extra cost.

Poetry surrounds us everywhere, but putting it on paper is, alas, not so easy as looking at it.  Vincent Van Gogh

We demand so much for free these days and many find digital and electronic ways around paying for stuff that isn’t free such as movies etc via file sharing and not so legal streaming services.  Advertisers know this and they put their money where we are putting our eyes (online) and they help fund such great resources as GMBN and PinkBike, which means we now get so much more and don’t have to pay £5-10 a month for it.

Today GMBN launched a new channel proving (I think) that you have to separate the types of content for different types of users. This channel will attract a large selection of GMBN subscribers and I am sure it will attract new viewers too.

Oh and don’t forget about podcasts, I can even get my mountain bike fix on the M25 without taking my eyes off the road.

The digital space is winning and we love it cos its (mostly) free and can save our money for new bike parts!

But wait – Part III

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