But wait – Part III


But I am still reading “magazines”, and bizarrely I’ve probably spent more on print media this last year than in any other year that I can think of.

I’m buying and reading magazines – no that’s wrong – I now own some great publications that don’t sit around unopened from month to month. Partly because they don’t come out monthly, but also because the content is so good.

In fact in this digital era of Youtube videos and Instagram photos I read lots, I am now reading more than I have done for years.

Alastair Humphreys - around the world by bike
No shredding, sending or roosting here

Filled with great stories and fantastic images I have found the content I want to read. To look at. But mostly I have found the content I want to own.


So Olly Forster (Sender), James McKnight (Hurly Burly), Alastair Humphreys et al keep up the good work.

Links to some “magazines” :

And to the Al Humpreys book store:

btw – I’m still a little bitter that MBR never paid me for those two Soapbox articles and Singletrack said my proposed content was nothing new. I think the truth is the MTB press is a crowded place and because I haven’t been riding since “back in the day” my beard  doesn’t fit.

My place is here, giving my own biased opinion and as an average bloke who likes to ride bikes and blog about it every now and again.

If you enjoyed these 3 posts please share them. If you didn’t like them comment and troll me below, its just my opinion in the end.

Part I – I’ve been wondering
Part II – So now what

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