Upside Down Coffee

And now for something completely different…

Most of us mountain bikers (there’s the link!) are coffee or tea snobs and we all believe there are right and wrong ways of making / brewing either one of, or both of these drinks.

Here’s my not so unique method of making coffee with an AeroPress. Other guides are available and I didn’t invent or come up with this method – I just thought I’d use this blog post as an excuse to take some indoor photos on a windy wet day.

I have only been a coffee snob for about a year and an AeroPress user for half of that.

AND only just decided to try the “inverted” method.

It has the potential of making more mess and spillage likelihood is definitely higher, however for some weird science reason the exact same ingredients seem to make a better and stronger coffee.

Its magic!

Mountain bikers love coffee made with Aeropress
No double sided sticky tape required

For your upside down coffee.  You will need:

  • a mug
  • coffee
  • filter
  • hot water
  • measuring thingumy
  • and an AeroPress
Coffee made with Aeropress is ace
My thumb nail is broken by the way. Hand modeling career on hold…

Put a filter in the cap and wet it. This keeps it in place more than anything else. If there is another reason I am not sure and would gladly be educated on the topic.

Trust me this is the best way

Insert the plunger into the ‘other bit’ of your AeroPress and position as shown. Upside down. It is not meant to go this way, so be careful and push the plunger about a centimeter in.  You don’t want coffee, or worse hot water spilling out in a few mins!

Mountain bikers love coffee made with Aeropress
Chose your poison and pour it in

Pour in heap of your favourite blend of coffee. Measure it how you like, I think these AeroPress scoops hold about 15g of coffee.

Upside down coffee made with Aeropress
Smoke on the water

Pour in your boiled, but left-to-stand-for-a-few-mins-to-cool water.  Not boiling – it scorches / burns the coffee and doesn’t taste very good. Do this carefully and slowly.

If you have had your AeroPress for a while its entirely possible that the seal wont be completely air-tight and hot water will leak. So if you are trying this for the first time – go steady!

Shake it off – no don’t do that. Stir it in!

Stir for 5-10 seconds.  Being careful as the AeroPress is now top heavy and not that stable in this position. I would be holding with the other hand normally but as you can guess there’s a camera in my right hand!

Alterntive method coffee made with Aeropress
If you liked it you should have put the cap on it.

Put the cap/filter/bit with the holes on and twist / lock it into place.

No this isn’t a joke…

Put your camera down and place your mug on top and…

Get an adult to help hold the camera

…turn the whole unsteady stack of boiling hot coffee over, all the time trying not to spill it.  I put the camera down for this part !

Inverted Aeropress Method
Ah push it, Push it good!

Squeeze it. Press it. Push it. Until you hear it hiss….. Oh yeah!

Coffee   AeroPress
là vous avez un café!

And you have great tasting upside (inverted) down coffee!

Remember to rinse/wash the AeroPress straight away to prolong its life and usefulness..

Remember to rinse/wash the AeroPress straight away.

Next time – tea! Oh yeah, I’m going there!

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