Melon Optics Parker MTB Goggles, Ben Deakin Signature Model – Review


I’ve never worn goggles before, only when paint balling, as I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding or ridden a motorbike. I may have worn goggles go karting or quad biking – I can’t be sure and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is, I have never worn goggles on a mountain bike until Saturday.

The “enduro” joke still stands and the micky taking still occurs.  You should only wear goggles with a full face helmet. Why do the enduro racers wear them?

Well, I bought mine first and foremost because they were a limited / signature edition and were in camo!  #OiOi

The Ben Deakin signature model Parker MTB Goggles from Melon Optics were begging to be bought by me to go with my Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet, Dakine Session and Adidas Terrex all in camo.  I love it! I’m sure I’m still a 9 year old boy at heart! LOL

However, some of my gang were going down the goggle route too and so this was the perfect excuse I needed to dip my toe in.

Ben Deakin epitomises the ethos of having fun whilst riding your bike. Travelling the world and riding with his mates, Ben has become known as the guy who brings the good times.

With experience of the more serious side of life after serving in the British Armed Forces, Ben isn’t one to take the opportunities that life offers for granted.

The Deakinator signature model blends two important influences of Ben’s life together – the military and good times – to create a goggle that will have you screaming Oi Oi!!

Anyway, the goggles…

As I said above, I have no real experience to compare these with but I can honestly say that after the first 20 seconds of wearing them I hardly noticed them on my face.

There is a superb field of vision and the clear lenses that came fitted with them were just that: clear – allowing my eyes to do the adjusting in and out of the sunlight through the trees at WindHill Bike Park.

I didn’t experience any fogging and wore them for around 15 DH runs.

Melon Optics have made a goggle that is light and you hardly notice them on our face, they also fit perfectly on my TLD A1 helmet both when wearing and when off my face in a tank commander style on top of my head !

I always ride with some form of eye wear to keep grit and mud out of my eyes and to prevent tears and streaming when going (ahem) fast.  I’ve lost a few expensive sets of glasses and now just use cheap ones – but I can’t seem to lose them!  The result is that I still occasionally get some mud in my eyes and on bike park runs like at Windhill or BikePark Wales I also get some eye streaming.  So from this moment onward I will be wearing goggles at bike parks, and maybe even at some trail centres, where the descending part is a quicker or for longer  – as the 100% protection against debris and the elements is well worth it.

No complaints about these goggles what so ever but there are two things that take some getting used to when wearing goggles in general. Firstly there’s the sweaty foam that you have to reapply to your face each time you put them back on and then there’s the lack of cooling breeze on your face.  I quite the feel of the cool air on my face after a hot push up.

So I am now a goggle convert. You can take the micky, make your enduro jokes and you can laugh, just give it a try and you’ll see.

This Ben Deakin Signature edition model comes with a hard case, camo strap and goggle frame, The Deakinator signature lenses (x2) and a soft camo bag to keep them in.

For more info try here –



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